Someone has told, "Help talent, the untalented person will make the way in life itself" Why it is necessary to help talented people and because they in constant search new fine and on advance and distribution of own talent aren't present either means or time. Here also the brilliant idea was born to create this project under the name "OnlineFilarmonica"


Ten reasons, why you need Online-Filarmonica


1. We provide you with all the tools that enable you to realize your talent from A to Z.


2. Are you a composer, musician, singer, arranger, poet, sound engineer, photo-video producer ...? In this project, you can easily communicate with each other for the joint creation of albums, songs, concerts, tours ....

Author's right

3. Protection of copyright not only on radio, television, but also at concerts that will take place in the format of Online Filarmonica.


4. You can become a producer, patron or sponsor on very unusual conditions.


5. By helping other talents, you have the opportunity to earn “in unlimited breadth, depth and time”.


Take part in different competitions. Win prizes and get cash rewards. This is the only project in the world where everyone benefits.


Online-Filarmonica-Your social network

Watch the video in which it is in detail told about Online-Filarmonika social network.

7. Company mission.

To enable every creative person, regardless of gender, age, place of residence or creed, to develop his musical talent not only in terms of recognition, but also in terms of active activity, having the opportunity to tour both in his own country and abroad. To enable an ordinary listener to earn serious money by expanding and spreading this project around the world.This will be possible when we musicians and listeners, composers and poets will help each other. You, the musicians, give us, listeners a good product in the form of songs, video clips, concerts, and we build a network of those people who are on the basis of this idea. Everyone earns.


Create your own videos, place them from your personal cabinet into general galleries, leave and read the comments to your works and the works of other artists.

9. Publications

For musicians who write their music, however, as for any person, it is important to be heard, seen and appreciated. In other words, it's good when your music does not lie in a box and does not "dust up" on the hard disk.

10. Communication

Communication is extremely important for the development of a person, both the person as a whole and his professional qualities. One person can not know everything, he needs an exchange of experience and is to find his audience, listeners, his like-minded people. Online Filarmonica is a place where all interests intersect and are considered for the benefit of all.


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Online-Filarmonica it is one of the few social networks where you can earn money. We offer two marketing plans; FREE (free) and PRO (paid).



Become a participant of Online-Filarmonica network get acquainted with her ...




Get and use all opportunities of network with the plan of PRO. Build the structure and earn money.



The best video clips by participants of Online-Filarmonica

Online-Filarmonica presents leaders our daily charts to the categories Video clip.

Елена Солодова

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About me

Тема любви
Пою караоке,на сцене,дома.В общем нам песня строить и жить помогает.

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Кристина Райлян

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Новая комп озиция
Я закончила Московскую филармонию

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Елена Солодова

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About me

Песня о любви
Пою караоке,на сцене,дома.В общем нам песня строить и жить помогает.

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